Help with digit span Please

Hello everyone, any help with coding is highly appreciated.

I have already the digit span designed. However, it has a bug. The participant hears a sequence of digits and is asked to recall them immediately following he/she finishes hearing the digits in the identical forward sequence. The participant is supposed to be unable to type the digits while he/she is hearing the digits. However, what happens is that (the bug) the participant can type the digits while he/she is hearing. This, as a result, negatively affects the results.
digit span

What you need to do is clear the keyboard buffer before you start to collect the response.


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Thank you Wakecarter so much for your help.

I am not well familiar with the coding. I pasted your code into my script. Could you please have a quick look at the photo if I put the code in the correct place?
Digit span 2

You seem to placed the code in between two function definitions, as opposed to during the experiment itself. I use Builder myself, and would place this code in Begin Routine of the routine where the experiment is waiting for a response.