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Auditory Digit Span Task

URL of experiment: gitlab link
Pavlovia (set to running): online experiment

Description of the problem: I am planning for an auditory digit span task. In this task, participants hear the numbers (during the presentation routine) and they have to recall them by typing (during the recall routine).

Though it works in the Builder, it does not work on Pavlovia. :pensive: On Pavlovia, the audio did not play (it was skipped) and I was directed to the recall screen.

FYI, I am using Chrome and the audio is presented as a wav. format. There was no error message when I right-clicked on the Inspect button.

Did anyone had similar problems before?
digit span va.psyexp (30.8 KB)

We have the same issue. Did you manage to make it work?

Sorry. I didn’t realize your message.

I managed to fix the problem. Pm me if you want a completed experiment for your reference