Help with counterbalancing

I am using version 2022.1.4

I have created an experiment, where participants have 4 different blocks to finish, 3 different times. I have created the excel sheets for the permutations which have been selected by the researcher, and it mostly runs fine.

The issue I have, is that after each block there is a rest screen. When I didn’t have the counterbalancing, everything ran fine. With the counterbalancing however, it can sometimes play the “rest” routine as the first routine, sometimes two or three times in a row, prompting multiple button responses to close it out.

I have attached an image of the layout below. Is there something I need to do differently, to make sure the rest blocks show?

Thank you

Hi @Jdigg,

to me it sounds like you try to counterbalance the order of the blocks in this way, right? What you describe might happen if multiple of the inner loops have 0 repetitions. Does only one of the inner loops have non-0 repetitions per repetition of the outer “counterbalance” loop? If this is the case, just delete every “rest” except for the very last one.

If this is not the case, could you post a screenshot of the conditions file and some details on what you actually counterbalance?


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That’s sorted it! Thank you. Just leaving the last rest in seems to have got it working.