Help - Cannot find folder/file to 'unpack demo'

I’m trying to open Stroop on Demo menu, but only “Unpack demo” that appear in the Demo menu. So i tried to unpack demo but i can’t find the file / folder that the unpack demo wanted. I tried to find it on internet but no result.
So i need anyone help
Where can i find the demo pack?

Latest PsychoPy version (The at the time this topic was posted)
Standard Standalone
(Sorry for bad english)

That is just asking for a place to put the files, not asking you to find them. The demos are stored inside PsychoPy itself, but it needs to unpack them somewhere on your disk so you can access and modify them if needed.

So just make a folder anywhere that makes sense to you, and select that folder for the demos to be unpacked into. You don’t even need to remember where you put them - PsychoPy will remember for you. Once unpacked, the demos will all be available directly from the demo menu.

Ahh i see, thank you. It solved

Yes, the instructions aren’t as clear as they could be. Glad it works for you now.