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Cannot find my audio files

Hi there,

I cannot run the midi sounds in my experiment. Regardless of what I do, psychopy always tells me that thing on the image bellow. I’ve tryed more than 5 psychopy versions. Right now I’m on the latest one (1.90.1), but my problem doesn’t go away. The

Is it possible that this problem is related to something about my computer? I haven’t seen anyone else with this issue.

I really could use some help, since I’m running late with my research due to this problem.
Thanks in advance

This is nothing to do with the version of PsychoPy. The error message is simply saying that it can’t find your audio files. There must be a mismatch between what you are specifying and their actual location.

Please tell us where your files are located, what they are named, and how you are specifying their location to PsychoPy.

Thank you Michael,

Well, I have 240 files, and they are located in a folder called “stim”. In the print screen above, the file name was 6.3-7.2-10. Every name is correct in the excel columns (I ran it as text stimulus, and it works fine). As for the names of each audio file, I’ve named them correctly, matching the excel file.

I am specifying their location through $arq (which is the excell column in which the file names are). In the field “sound”.

Do you see anything I might be doing wrong?

Thanks a lot

You should tell us exactly what you put in your Excel cells and how you specify the filename and path in the sound component.

But as a first suggestion, sound files have extensions (e.g. .wav). You need to tell Windows to stop hiding them from you, and then feed PsychoPy the full file name, plus relative path to your stim directory. At the moment, it looks to Python like the extension to your file is, for example .10 rather than .wav.

Ok. I’ve renamed my files, in order to avoid such confusion. I’ve also told windos to stop hidding the extension. So, I still cant run those files as a loop. Psychopy keeps telling me it cannot find the files. (of course the folders and everything else for my experiment is inside the same folder).

Could you see anything that I might be doing wrong from the images below?

That is the excel file:

That is the sound component:

that is the folder with my sound files. (they are .mid)


Those files are not soundfiles but midi files… Does sounddevice handles midi files? I don’t think so…


In any case, you’ll need to tell PsychoPy about the location of the files. Either you include that in the input file (i.e., add stim/ before every file name), or add this information to the sound component:

$"stim" + os.sep + arq

Hope this helps.


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