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Having issues manipulating nDots in staircase metacognition task

Having an issue with manipulating the quantity of dots. I believe the issue is referring to the lines of code below.

The error message l am currently getting is: ValueError: operands could not be broadcast together with shapes (20,) (5,)

Lines of code:

target = visual.DotStim(
    win, nDots=(expInfo['refnDots']), dotSize=randrange(5.0, 10.0), 
    speed=0, dir=0.0, coherence=0.5,
    fieldPos=(-8.0, 0.0), fieldSize=8.0,fieldShape='circle',
    signalDots='same', noiseDots='position',dotLife=0,
    color=[-1.000,-1.000,-1.000], colorSpace='rgb', opacity=1,

for thisIncrement in staircase:  # will continue the staircase until it terminates!
    # set location of stimuli
    targetSide= random.choice([-1,1])  # will be either +1(right) or -1(left)
    foil.setFieldPos([-5*targetSide, 0])  # possibly be setSize
    target.setFieldPos([5*targetSide, 0])  # in other location

    # set dot quantity of probe
    target.nDots=(expInfo['refnDots'] + thisIncrement) # change foil.setOri(expInfo['refOrientation'] + thisIncrement) also was origninally foil

    # draw all stimuli


No one will read through hundreds of lines of code to try to figure out where your error occurred.

You need to provide a usable level of information: for a start: show us the line where the error occurred (and any neighbouring code needed for context), and the full text of the error message.

Thank you. Have updated the message.