Handwriting and writing time recording

I 'll do an experiment about handwriting. The process is: press the space - show the word - write the word on the Wacome PTH860(a tablet) - press the space - show the second word… but the question is I can’t see the handwriting word in Psychopy and I don’t know the time(from seeing the word to the pen touching the paper/from pen touching the paper to finish writing). And I also want to know if the students write correct or not.

From what I understand you have two devices: a stimulus computer (for showing the word) and a tablet (for providing the response) and they somehow need to exchange data?

I’m afraid that the only way to achieve this is write some custom code using the tablet SDK.

Alternatively, maybe there is a way to set up an online experiment and register the touch events that way? Should be possible in principle using JavaScript based on this StackOverflow post.

But I have no personal experience myself with the Wacome so maybe there are better ways to achieve this :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your patience and reply.

Does the Wacome simulate mouse clicks when you press with the pen? If so it may work with the :brush: Brush component, it’s worth a try at least :slight_smile:

Thank you very much. But the Wacome mouse doesn’t work when I write on the tablet.

Uhm… Did you want take the data form hardware(your Wacome)? I think this could be very challenge…
how about tablet save the image and load that image after saved.
Subject press two button. tabelt save and space.