Gridworld task in Psychopy


I am new to PsychoPy and I wanted to build a simple grid-world task. The task is to navigate using (up,down,left,right) keys from the start position to a goal position on a 5x5 grid. There will be multiple trials repeating the same task.

I do not know where to begin from or if I should try to construct it in a “Builder” or “Coding” mode.

Any suggestions regarding how should I go about this would be helpful.

Builder will likely be sufficient. But to get useful hints, you should really give us a much more precise description of your task and the design (i.e. how do conditions vary across trials/blocks/subjects). Think the level of detail that would be required in the methods section of a paper.

Thanks Michael. More precisely, I would like to record response times of each key press as the subjects try to learn the environment. They start at a particular start position and try to navigate to the goal. If they reach the goal in optimal number of steps, they are awarded ‘X’ points. If they reach the goal in non-optimal number of steps, they receive a discounted reward ‘Y’ (Y<X). If they fail to reach the goal position, they get ‘0’ points. Also, they get a fixed duration (say, 10 sec) to solve the environment. The response time for each key press is recorded. Every trail is the same, except that the start and goal position is different at the start of each trial.

I tried to lookup on internet how to create a grid in the “Builder” mode but I was unable to find any resources on that. Can you please guide me where can I read about these features?