GP3HD eye tracker - how to call functions


I got a GP3HD recently and I am trying to check how it works with PsychoPy. Out of the box it gives me Looks in ROIs but I want a bit more info. I came across the API for this tracker but I am not sure how to call these classes/functions.

For instance for the extract below how do I get the left_gaze_x? Also, (probably long shot) is it possible to import these data to GP3’s software analysis to get scanpaths e.t.c.?

I attach a minimal exp which I use to test eye tracker and psychopy
myproject.psyexp (15.5 KB)

Many thanks in advance for any advie/tips/support.

class psychopy.iohub.devices.eyetracker.BinocularEyeSampleEvent(*args, **kwargs)[source]
The BinocularEyeSampleEvent event represents the eye position and eye attribute data collected from one frame or reading of an eye tracker device that is recording both eyes of a participant.

Event Type ID: EventConstants.BINOCULAR_EYE_SAMPLE


time of event, in sec.msec format, using psychopy timebase.

The horizontal position of the left eye on the computer screen, in Display Coordinate Type Units. Calibration must be done prior to reading (meaningful) gaze data. Uses Gazepoint LPOGX field.