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Gitlab add member 500 error

URL of experiment: Sign in · GitLab

Description of the problem: In the Pavlovia gitlab API, I click Settings>Members and get a 500 error " Whoops, something went wrong on our end.".

Expected behavior: Clicking on Settings>Members in the Pavlovia gitlab API returns a menu screen where I can add collaborators to my repository.

Any workarounds, terminal or otherwise, are very much appreciated!


an error 500 can mean a lot of things. It is an error on the server side. Unfortunately, the server can’t really determine what the error is. You can reload the page, clear the cache, delete cockies, come back later (see here) for more info.

Best wishes Jens

Thanks for getting back Jens.

Unfortunately, these steps do not change the inoperative Members link in the gitlab API.

Refreshing the page, clearing the cache, deleting cookies, and trying in other web browsers results in the same 500 error page as before and I am unable to add any collaborators to my gitlab repository.

Any workaround to this, terminal or otherwise are greatly appreciated!

I was able to fix and then replicate this error by deleting my pavlovia gitlab repo and creating it again. Then when I invite members who had already created a pavlovia account they were able to successfully accept the invite to membership.

If I invited a member who was not already a pavlovia account holder when they click Accept Invitation, and then register, it then breaks my Members page on my pavlovia gitlab repo and the member is no longer able to click Accept Invite (they get a 'Page Not Found` message).

I believe this has something to do orphaned member invites per this issue

@JensBoelte they suggest some commands run in gitlab-rails – do you know if gitlab-rails command line is something Pavlovia gitlab users are able to do? Or is that something our uni’s Pavlovia admin would have to do?

Hello Steven

you really looked into this. From reading the post I understood that this is a bug in gitlab-code. It is unclear to me that the Pavlovia-admins could solve this.

Best wishes Jens

Hey Steven,

Wow, that’s some fine sleuthing you did there. As far as I understand from the dialogue about this issue, they haven’t released a fix yet, but have stuck with workarounds for now. I guess it’s handy to inform our Pavlovia admin about this issue, just in case.

Thanks for sharing!

Hello @Steven_Elmlinger,

Thank you for your very accurate report! It looks like the issue is present even in very recent GitLab releases. With any luck, it will be taken care of shortly. We’ll keep our eyes open!
Best wishes,