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Gazepoint Pupillometry with new update

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anyone could provide some knowledge/advice for implementing pupillometry using the Gazepoint eye tracker within the new builder update. I worked through one of the new eye tracking tutorials, so I understand how it works but am not quite sure how to adapt it to record continuous data of pupil diameter changes throughout my task.

Again, if anyone has advice for how to adapt to pupillometry within the builder (or any code that needs to be added) it would be greatly appreciated, as I am relatively proficient in using PsychoPy but this is my first time attempting to implement pupillometry!


I created a template script that works with the Gazepoint SDK here: GitHub - jgeller112/GazePoint_PsychoBuilder_Template: Template Builder Script for GP ET and Biomet. It outputs all the pupil and biometrics (if you have them) in a nice csv file after the experiment (example in the linked repository).

Also, here is my blog post showing how to analyze the data from a PsychoPY experiment using my R package gazeR: Analyzing GazePoint Data with GazeR | Jason Geller.

For pupillometry studies, the important piece is to send messages denoting important events in your task. You will want to send information at the start of a trial (begin routine), end of a trial (end of routine), and trial number. You can then link this to the behavioral data PsychoPY collects.

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Thank you so much!