Force end of Routine does not work for second rep online

Hi, forum! In trying to run my experiment on the online platform, I encountered a weird issue. I have a routine that plays a video stimulus, followed by a routine to collect the subject’s response. I set the movie stimulus component to be the “force end of routine” when the movie finished playing. When I test the experiment online, the “force end of routine” only worked for the trials in the first repetition. If a trial plays a video for the second time, the routine will not end automatically when the video finished playing but will be stuck with the last frame of the video showing on the screen.
The issue did not appear when I played the video locally. Also, I tried changing “rep number” to 1 in the loop setting page, and manually copied and pasted all the conditions in the condition spreadsheet. The issue still appeared.
I’m wondering what might have caused the bug? What shall I do to find and fix it?
Thanks for any advice!

Here’s a thread about this issue (which includes links to others) Videos are not played multiple times in Pavlovia

Personally I also solved the issue by using code to end the routine just before the video had finished. I can’t remember whether I also needed to reset it as per that thread and my crib sheet.

I am having the same problem as Const_Liu and adding videoname.start() .stop() or reset() as suggested in the link you provided does not solve the problem, what are other ways that I can end the routine after the video is finished?