Problem with exiting a routine based on correct answer (with keyboard component) online - while working offline

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Description of the problem:

Hi all,

I am running an experiment where inside the same routine called “entrainement” participants have to press either the “a”, “e”, ‘i’ and ‘p” of the keyboard and until they have the right answer (depending of the iteration of the loop “loop_entrainement”) they don’t exit the routine “entrainement”.

Still within the same routine If they give a wrong response before giving the right one, a red feedback cross appears on the screen and stays there until they give the right answer and exit the routine.

I have a code component for this that works perfectly offline but online the right answers are not registered somehow so it never moves to the next routine.

Here is a screen shot of the task:

And here is the screenshot of the code component in the “Each frame” tab (msg is set to msg= “” in the begin Experiment tab and back to msg= “” the End routine tab). respons_clavier_4 is the name of my keyboard component in the routine “entrainement”

Here is the dummy of my experiment (with the needed excel and image files).
SPFdummy.psyexp (234.7 KB)
test.xlsx (8.6 KB) (79.6 KB)

Any help would be very much appreciated!