Flickering Instruction Image

URL of the experiment: Sara_CoinFinal [PsychoPy]

(The error appears right after the first break, if you run the experiment it should take less than 5 minutes to get there)

Description of the problem:
One of my instruction pages doesn’t show, but when pressed the space bar, it appears for less than one second (like a flash) and then moves on to the next instruction page which works fine. This doesn’t happen with Psychopy…

I tried to log in and sync multiple times but wouldn’t fix this. Does anyone know what to do? Thanks!

Hi There,

I’m not sure if this is because I don’t know the instruction screen I should be looking for - but this appeared to run fine my end! Are you able to try and make a minimally working example e.g. only the instruction screen that should show and one routine ? (to help pinpoint)


Hi Becca, thanks for your reply! Sorry, this is my first time using psychopy and pavlovia, I’ll try if I can do this :))
Just double-check, this error happens right after the first break (which lasts for around 70 seconds) after 80 trials, was that what you were looking for? Below is the page that flashes:

Sorry for the inconvenience

The instructions are probably flashing because the key press to move on has already been registered. What version are you using? In one recent version there was an issue where key releases were also being counted as key presses. I solved a similar problem by changing the key needed to advance. The extra press registered from the previous screen was therefore ignored

Hi Wakecarter, thanks for your reply! My Psychopy version is v2021.2.3, however when I run it on local computer the keys works fine, so I guess it is something to do with pavlovia or sync?
Sorry this is my first time using both, can you please explain how to changing the key needed to advance?
Thank you so much!

Simply change the instructions and the allowed key in the keyboard component.