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URL of experiment: questionnaire tester [PsychoPy]

Description of the problem: I am putting together a psychopy demo with allot of the common experiments and features the builder can be used for. When I run this offline, it runs perfectly (apart from the youtube embedded section but that’s expected). However, when I push online, I get the error: "when downloading the resources for experiment: YT_Tester_Retry* unable to download resource: …/…/…/Coding Training/PsychoPy/stroop-master/trialTypes.xls (FILE_LOAD_ERROR)

What have I done to solve the issue: I assume the issue is with getting the necessary files locally from my PC to Pavlovia during launch. As such, I tried re-creating my loops and linking the necessary source files again to see if the issue was with the path that the experiment was following to find the source files.
I also looked at other posts of the same error on the forum but these all relate to png files where my error is coming from a simple Stroop task that does not use any pngs but uses an excel file with color and text components to create the stimuli.

I am quite new to psychopy so I hope the above is correct and makes sense, please let me know if any further information is needed.

Thank you for your help!

Maybe it helps to define the loop file as " trialTypes.xls" without any path in the builder. Then use “Experiment-Settings - Online - Additional Ressources” to add the excel file to the online resource content.

This could be a save way to ensure that the file is downloaded and correctly linked in the loop - in online and offline context.

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Make a copy of your Excel file in each experiment rather than trying to load an Excel file from a different folder.


Thank you both! Yes, this was the issue I had copied the entire folder from the original experiment with the excel file in it in the folder for the new experiment, once I replaced this with a copy of relevant excel file it resolved the issue.