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Feedback video craches when trying to play for the second time

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I am relatively new to PsychoPy and I am not at all experienced in coding. I made an experiment in the builder interface (v 3.1.5.) and everything is working fine there, but not in the online version. When the program gets the assignment to run a video for the second time, the video crashes (it is just showing a static visual of the video without movements and sound)…

The experiment is comparable to an IAT including some practice blocks with several feedback trials. The respondents (children) have to press the ‘thumps up’ or ‘thumps down’ according to the animals they see on the screen (scary animal is bad, cute animal is good). After every practice trial they are supposed to see a feedback video that tells them if their answer is correct or not. The first trial this works well. If the second trial is also (in)correct and the same feedback video has to be played, it crashes. It does not crash if in the second trial the other feedback video has to be played (e.g. first trial correct, second trial incorrect), but then it crashes after the third trial.

Because by only translating the code components for the feedback trials in .js, the videos were not properly defined (got error ‘unknown resource’), I defined the feedback movie stimuli with a new routine with two movie components and set a loop of 0 repetitions around that. Since I am not experienced with javascript, that was the only solution that I could think of. Perhaps It has something to do with this?

I added the info in the browser console here:, but I don’t understand what it is saying…

Thank you in advance!

I figured out that the video was not resetting after being played the first time; The second time it just remained on the last frame of the video. I did not manage to reset the videos in javascript, but I solved it by making multiple copies of the same video and let the program load a different copy each time.

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For videos, we’re be working on the reset issue very soon, but in the meantime one user reported that adding an End Routine code block of


was sufficient to get the reset. Easier (and less of a hit on the server space) than duplicating movies