Feedback not working (offline) – "too fast" without key response

What are you trying to achieve?:
In our practice block, there is feedback for answers that are too fast (<0.2sec). After the instructions of the practice block and a countdown, this feedback is automatically triggered without any key pressed. This problem doesn’t occur on all computers, but sadly on the Macs we want to use for the offline experiment.
Does anyone have an idea why this might happen? Maybe it’s relevant to add that the keys pressed for the task are the same as for moving from one instruction “slide” to the next in the block before. But since they aren’t pressed for at least 3 seconds, we’re not sure if that really is the problem.

(this is the feedback code)

(this is the element that defines the possible keys. Pressing one of them initiates the next block with the feedback.)


this looks similar to what was posted here

You might want to check this post before reposting it.

Best wishes Jens

Hey, thanks for your answer! It’s the exact same code, that’s why it looks similar ^^ This post was made by another member of my lab. We’re having a lot of trouble with that feedback, especially online… Though this is a different problem (and offline), I will check if it works with the code you provided in the other discussion.