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Feedback message relative to a single component

Participants listen to a 5 minutes sound-stream.
At the same time, images are presented on the screen in synchronisation with the audio file.
In order to synchronise the images to the sound I added the images one by one, and indicated the onset and the duration of each one in ms.
This inelegant option was forced by the impossibility to use a loop, because the amount of time needed to read the file from disk generated a delay within the loop and ended up in desynchronising images and sound.

Two images are presented: a square and a triangle (164 components in total).
I would like to collect responses and reaction times to the triangle only.
Equally important, I would like a feedback message to appear at the end of the block, indicating the number of times participants were able to press a button and detect the triangle.
As the two images cannot go in the same excel column, because only one of them would be read, I cannot use the corr_ans column either, so I don’t know how to tell the program which the correct answer is.
Furthermore, I cannot use this code

Corr =[‘key_resp_3.corr’].sum() #.std(), .mean() also available
meanRt =[‘key_resp_3.rt’].mean()
msg = “You got %i trials correct (rt=%.2f)” %(nCorr,meanRt)

in order to get the feedback, because I did not indicate the correct answer properly.

Is there a code that tells the program to collect data relative to one component, and give feedback only in relation with participants’ reaction to it? Is there any other way I could do it?

Hi Francesco,

Perhaps you can enter a code component at the end to check what the stimulus presented was. i.e.:

if thisStim=='triangle':
elif thisStim=='Square':

In this option you would just change the terms ‘triangle’ or ‘Square’ to reflect the names of your stimuli in your conditions file.

Let me know if this makes sense,