Feedback For Wrong Answers


I have a task where I want feedback for all answers in the practice round and wrong answers only in the other blocks.

For all blocks, responses can be letters j, k, l or nothing (withheld response).

So, for practice round, I have a column in my Excel file labeled ‘corrAns’ and then the cells below are filled with a j, k, l or nothing. Then, my feedback routine has a blank, 1 second text element set to set every repeat and this is the code from the feedback routine in the begin routine tab:

msg = ‘’
if key_resp_9.corr:
msg = “Correct”
elif not key_resp_9.corr:
msg = “Incorrect!”


Then, I try it and nothing happens. I’d like this to work. Any ideas??

Then, if I can get this working, how can I change it so that it provides negative feedback only in the rest of the blocks?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Try to use text_20.text = msg instead of text_20.setText(msg).
About “negative feedback only in the rest of the blocks”, you can add a condition checking which block is currently running.
It depends on the structure of your experiment. Could you provide some more context about this question?

Logically this should just be else: