Eyetracker calibration settings not work

OS (e.g. Win10): Win10
PsychoPy version (e.g. 1.84.x): 2024.1.1~1.4
Standard Standalone? (y/n) If not then what?:

I try to set the param of Eyetracker calibration routine, but the outcome is always the same, target point is nine(I set to THREE_POINTS), and the background color is white.
However, the validation setting works well.
Is the psychopy version‘s problem? I tried 2024.1.0-1.4, the problem is the same.

Hi There,

What eyetracker are you using? This is a known bug to my knowledge with Tobii, and we are working on a fix.


As a temporary work around - you might also be able to use the demos > Hardware > eyetracker_custom_cal which I think does let you edit the number of points at the moment (but it uses a movie as its calibration points.


hi Becca,

Thank you for your reply,

yes I’m using Tobii Pro Spectrum, and I’ve tried the eyetracker_custom_cal demo today, now I met some new problems.
When I have Sound components in the subsequent routines, the calibration’s movie type couldn’t work, the points showed as the default style. If I removed the sound component, the .mov type points can play as expected.
After that I tried to use a Movie component (I use the same Bullseye_grey.mov file as movie file) to replace the sound componet, the calibration can play as mov type normally, and the video of the following componengt can play, but no audio was heard. No error msg was print.
I’m using psychopy 2014.1.4.
Do I need more tests to determine the problem?

I’m also wonder which values could be input in the calib_config such as target_type? I didn’t find some doc about these.


Hi There,

What audio prefs do you have in your experiment and does the attached work that uses the attached tone file.

Also please may you check if this occurs when eyetracker is set to MouseGaze instead of Tobii? (I am having trouble replicating my side but I am using MouseGaze as I don’t have the tobii to hand)

eyetracking_custom_cal.psyexp (35.3 KB)


Hi Becca,

I downloaded your demo and put it in the same path with Bullseye_grey.mov and tone.wav. I use the default MouseGaze. I found that the .mov not work, calib point showed a default style (but a little different from I run before, the size and color, but also a static img type). The tone.wav can play normally.
Another problem is the trial loop can only do once, the screen turn to no responce. If I move the eyetracker stopRecording component out of the loop, the exp can run to the end.
Did this demo run as expected in your computer?

I then tried to use Tobii in this demo, the result is the same, except the calib point’s default type change back to before. So the calib point’s default type is different due to different eye tracker devices. It’s ok.

So the main problem may be some kind of media conflict ?

Hi There,

Yes that sounds like a media conflict!

I am not sure why the movie isn’t working if you move to a new location - looking into that now. But if you do not need to movie for your calibration maybe that is OK for now?

The stop component is currently experiencing some issues however we are testing some fixes our side. Whilst you wait for the new bug fix release you could try one of the following:

  1. Remove the stop component and manually stop your eyetracker at the end of testing.
  2. Use components that are “Start and Stop” in action type.
  3. Manually edit your PsychoPy source code (here is a proposed fix showing the file that would need to be changed).

hopefully this helps! Keep an eye out for the next bug fix release as we are hoping to have some of these things ironed out in that release.


Hi Becca,

Thank you for your suggestion. I’m now using titta to control my tobii eyetracker recording as an alternative way.

Besides, if I don’t use class_name=‘MovieStim3’, which param value could I use to customize calibration target, in calib_config and targ_dict? I didn’t find the related codes, maybe you can tell me or give me another custom demo, the target as a static img or simple scalling animation?

Another question, now I can stop and disconnect tobii at the exp end, but I also want to disconnect whenever my exp is escaped (when esc pressed). Do you know how to do it?