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External numeric keypad response

Hi there,

I am trying to record the output of a response made on a USB connected numeric keypad. For some reason, it doesn’t record the numbers that were pressed in the excel file, but it will if numbers are pressed on the top row of the laptop keyboard to which the USB is connected. I have a 3rd in built keypad (the square block on the LHS of a laptop keypad), and it will not store these either. The laptop does recognise the USB and inbuilt keypad, as it will store the enter button presses - it is just the number pressed per se which is doesn’t like. Is there any reason that people know why an external numeric keypad won’t work?



I’ve answered my own question - “num_n” where n = the number. D’oh!

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See here for a more elaborate answer.

As stated PsychoPy receives the numpad number keys (when num lock is on) as num_1, num_2 etc. However, I’m finding that it will only act upon (e.g., force end of routine) if ‘numlock’ is also included in the allowed keys. Fine, I thought, but then the stored key is always ‘numlock’ (and is also the case when store all keys is selected) because it seems that the numpad number keys are actually sending [‘numlock’,‘num_1’] on press and [‘numlock’] on release (even though numlock is enabled), so the first and last of any keypress cycle is numlock… :confused:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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