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Exporting Out of PsychoPy

I am new to PsychoPy. I have also tried to find this answer in the discourse before posting!

We are looking to run an experiment in our lab with PsychoPy. A co-investigator in a different location and lab has E-Prime and would like to run the experiment at their site in E-Prime.

So here is my question: Can PsychoPy export data in a way that is compatible with E-Prime? And vice versa?


Hi @langlitlearn, it is not clear to me if you are asking whether you can run PsychoPy experiments in E-Prime, or whether you want your data files to be compatible.

Hi dvbridges!

Thanks for getting back so quick. I guess I am asking both “wanting your data files to be compatible” and “whether you can run PsychoPy experiments in E-Prime”.

OK, in short, your PsychoPy experiment files will not be compatible with E-Prime, however you have the flexibility with PsychoPy to format your the .csv data files that are output from the experiment, e.g., by changing values and column names to match the E-Prime outputs.

For all but very simple situations, this is usually a bad idea. You are introducing an unnecessary confounding factor that is perfectly correlated with site, as well as markedly increasing the time cost of development and testing time. Between the two sites, you should ideally negotiate a common solution.

If it is the licence cost of E-prime that is holding you back from using it, you should weigh it against the markedly increased time required to independently develop the protocols, test them, and then meld the data together for analysis. Licence cost isn’t a factor for PsychoPy, but if neither site is familiar with it, then again, that time investment in gaining proficiency is also a cost.