Experiment Index Error : list index out of range

Hi there, I am trying to run an experiment but unfortunately there is an ‘Index Error’ message that pops up and is preventing me from doing so. How should I resolve this issue?

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Hi, I am wondering if you happened to have figured it out after you posted this…I am having this problem too. The program crashes and gives me the same error message. And it happens inconsistently - I don’t know whether or when this will happen. I would love to know why this happens and how I can fix it…Thanks.

We need to see the full error message (preferably copied as text rather than as a screenshot).

I’m having the same issue! And very random, since my experiment perfectly worked until a couple of weeks ago. I already deleted the “appData.cfg file” but the problem didn’t solve.
Any suggestion?

Hi Sereyu, did you solve this problem? I’m having the same issue