Exercises in the Psychopy book


There are no answers available in the book for exercises 4.2 in chapter 4 and 5.2 in chapter 5.
I was wondering where I could reach those answers?

Kind regards,

Hello Hildur,

I’ve checked our source code of the books: unfortunately it seems that we had placed duplicated placeholder content there, which we didn’t replace with actual answers before we passed it on to the publishers. This wasn’t picked up in the proof-reading process, so thanks for bringing this to our attention.

I’d need to check with @jon, but would guess that Ex 4.2 involves simply changing the cue in the Posner task from having a fixed duration of 12 frames (200 ms) to allow a variable SOA. i.e. insert a variable name like $SOA in that stimulus’ duration field, and set the field to update on every routine. Add a corresponding SOA column to your conditions file, taking care to balance the SOA values with the levels of your other variables.

For exercise 5.2, in lots of ways the question already suggests the things that need to be done to achieve the ‘moving eyes’ effect. Perhaps just have a go and come back to us if you have any specific issues with implementing aspects of it.

Okay great thank you for the answer :slight_smile: