Errors with Syncing Psychopy to Pavlovia

I’ve been having this issue when trying to run my Psychopy experiment on Pavlovia, and then when I login to Pavlovia seperately to try and run it from the link, it says ‘403: Forbidden’. I’ve made a completely new experiment, moved files around lots of times, and still I cannot run it on Pavlovia, and I am still getting a ‘Forbidden’ message using the link. Any suggestions?

Hi there @acready22,

The error message on the second screenshot suggests that you’ve saved your experiment in a folder that’s already under git control (usually OneDrive/Cloud storage etc.). If you can follow these steps things should work as expected:

  1. Save your experiment in a folder that is stored locally (on your desktop for example)
  2. In the local folder, make sure that you can view hidden items:
  3. Delete all files related to the experiment running online, including the hidden .git folder
  4. Upload your experiment to Pavlovia again, from the experiment file stored in this local folder

Hope this helps!