Error with audioplayback


I am getting an error when playing a sound from an array using the sound class.

PsychPortAudio-WARNIG: 'Start' method on audiodevice 1 called, although playback on device not yet completely stopped. 
Will forcefully restart with possible audible artifacts or timing glitches.
Check your playback timing or use the 'Stop' function properly!

The same code is running on another machine without problems.

So far I have tried (without success):

  • Using a different sound engine.
  • Changing the latency mode.
  • Setting the sampling rate either to 44100Hz or 48000Hz.

Any ideas for other settings? Could this be another issue with the code, such as stopping the stream as the error suggests?


In this case, I was running a script programmed with an older version of psychopy. It does run with version 2022.1.0 without the error above, but not with the latest version I had installed 2023.2.3.

If anyone has any input on what changed across versions, I would still appreciate some insights, but otherwise, this is solved.