Error while trying to launch experiment online

I have the following error appear preventing my experiment from running on Pavlovia-

  • when converting a position to pixel units
  • unknown position units: cm
    Can anybody recommend any solutions?
    I have tried changing the units and resetting the preferred units on Psychopy and there seems to be no change.

Ctrl Shift R to flush the cache and run the latest version of the experiment (in height, norm or pixel units).

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Thanks! But are you aware of any solutions if I’d want to keep it in cm/ deg?

If you want fixed sizes in cm online then I recommend that you add my screen scale routine (see PsychoPy Online Demos).

Degrees online requires a more sophisticated technique (e.g. using the blind spot) or trigonometry to convert to cm if you can persuade the participant to pick a standard distance or tell you how far they are from the screen.

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Thanks so much! I managed to scale it back to the size I needed and run it with height. I really appreciate your help.