Error when starting the experiment

I am trying to create my study online but I keep getting this error message. I have downloaded the newest psychopy version (2020.1.0).

I converted the python commands to Javascript and defined currentBlock and doingResponse. I am trying to define sequence using a code but unsure on how to do that…can anyone help?

@JubedaB, you need to go to the experiment dashboard page on, and set the status of the experiment to “PILOTING” mode, whilst you are running/piloting your tasks, or “RUNNING”, when you are ready for data collection. Note, piloting generates a time-dependent token which needs to be renewed every hour (just click pilot again), and setting the status to RUNNING will consume credits.

The experiment is not coming up on, it keeps coming up with that same error message as before…

And it keeps saying NameError: name ‘sequence’ is not defined