Error when piloting online: when getting the value of resource

Here are two suggestions, which probably won’t fix everything but maybe will make your life a bit easier:

  • Do you know about the local debug mode? You don’t have to sync your experiment to pavlovia every time you change something just to find the next error. You can also just click the “Run in local browser” in the top panel, next to the runner buttons. This will send your experiment (js) directly to your browser without having to upload it. This way, you can finalize everything locally and you have to go through sync-hell only once in the very end.
  • When, you are in sync-hell: This index.html folder is messing up your experiment. The actual index.html file inside that weird folder needs to be in your experiments directory, not in a subfolder. I guess this is the reason for the 403. So to work around that, go to the experiment settings → online and set “Export HTML” to “manually”. This way, index.html and the js file are only exported when you manually go to File → Export HTML. The advantage of this is, that you now can take the following steps to actually get everything in the right place: 1. Export HTML, 2. go to the experiment folder, get the files out of the index.html folder, and put them into the main folder and delete the index.html folder, 3. sync. Now (in case the sync works, to begin with) your project should be properly organized on pavlovia so you don’t get 403.

I’m not really sure how to use the local debug mode. When I try to use it I go to a directory with my files. But I’m not sure what to do after that?

This is what you see when the index.html (file, not folder!) is missing. Make sure to export it and (if necessary) put it in the right place. When this is done, your experiment should start when going to local debug.

For some reason when I try to debug it isn’t playing the correct experiment? It’s playing an experiment in a completely different folder. Is there a way to correct this?

That happens for me as well sometimes. It usually helps to clear the cache of your browser and not click “local debug” directly but go through the runner (“send experiment to runner” button) where you can make sure the correct experiment is selected and then click “local debug” on the bottom right.

Thank you.

My study is now up and running on Pavlovia thanks to your help!

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