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Error: WebGL context was lost

URL of experiment:

Description of the problem:

I’m trying to test an online experiment. I created the experiment in the PsychoPy Builder and the .pysexp file runs without errors. I have used keyboard and text components and code components in Python (auto translated to JavaScript) and JavaScript. I am using the most recent PsychoPy version, and have also tried it with others.
When I try to run the experiment through the html file in firefox it gets past the initialising the experiment screen, after I enter the participant fields and press ok it just shows a grey screen and I get the error “Error: WebGL context was lost.” in line 298 in index.js (saidHello = true;).
What could be causing this error?

Could someone please help me? I still haven’t been able to solve this problem :frowning:

@Shru, would you be able to reproduce the error for debugging? I.e., a URL of the task that shows the error happening

This is the Pilot Link:

I still get the error in the console, but the experiment runs now (I don’t know how I solved the problem that was causing the experiment not to start)