ERROR: Routines thats skip for no clear reason

I designed a questionnaire that contains a series of routines with some loops which proceed with mouse or space key response
Some routines sometimes skip and I cannot figure out why. I read some blogs and based on them I tried:

  1. adding a blank screen of 1 second before each routine that skips (the routines that skips are consistent but they skip randomly )
  2. adding a second for the routine to appear
  3. adding a second for the response key mouse or space of the previous routine and routine that skips
    The routines still skip (range from 2-4) Now I am lost…any suggestion would be very appreciate
    thank you

Routines skip when they are set to advance with a mouse press in the same location as the previous routine or the same key press when one uses a keyboard component and the other uses getKeys in code.

thank you for your prompt answer. This is not my case. I checked that because I saw your answer it a previous comment. Are there other things I could check?

Please could you show more details of the routines that are skipping?

Thanks.Here some part of the task. I named the routines that skip. skip1 and 2 and I pasted the routine before and after to give you an idea.
Trialskipping.psyexp (46.3 KB)
LimbDeficiency_VasPre.xlsx (9.0 KB)

I personally think that the Settings on each of your screens are overlapping, causing the buttons to react together, skipping over the fact that you can change component positions

Try ticking “Discard previous” in your keyboard Data properties.

This worked!!! I have ticked it for all my routines now! Thank you.