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Error on Pavlovia : no default wrap width for unit: use prefs

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Our online experiment won’t run and has a common bug and I can’t seem to solve it.

So, I’ve read every single thread on here about this text wrap width/units error & how changing the units to ‘height’ instead of ‘from exp settings’ in the Advanced tab of the Text object (unless this setting is changed somewhere else?) will supposedly fix it. I also understand that possibly for this to be completely debugged it has to be changed at the JavaScript level and not just in the Builder. I don’t get how to access the JavaScript that exporting to Pavlonia supposedly generates, and I can’t figure out how to view it in the dual code viewer. Other people have said that the JavaScript code correlate to the Python code doesn’t exist unless we actually write it, which seems counterintuitive because my understanding is that Pavlovia generates the JavaScript for it to run online? We unfortunately do not have time to learn JavaScript.

We are newbies to PsychoPy & I realize our experiment certainly is not well-designed or contains more sophisticated elements like loops, etc. But I changed the settings to the recommended ones and still run into the same error. The images we’re using are .png files. I don’t think that would be an issue…

I am at a loss and out of time. We are flipping out because the file path of our images doesn’t allow us to run the experiment on other desktop computers other than the one it’s on, and we didn’t have time to learn how to write a conditions Excel file and use variables, etc… This course did not really prepares us to create an experiment the proper way.

Hi @Spychiatrist, this has been fixed in PsychoPy 3.0.4 - see ChangeLog. If you are not able to update your version of PsychoPy to the latest version, then there is an easy fix. The problem occurs because the “use prefs” screen units in your experiment settings are not valid units in the PsychoJS library. So, all you need to do, is change your screen units in experiment settings to one of the supported unit types - e.g., pixels, height or norm units. You are probably currently using “norm” units, but height units are best to maintain the correct aspect ratio of your images. See screen units documentation for further info.

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Thanks so much! Updating the version seemed to fix the issue and the study runs! :smiley: