Error in exel file


I’m gonna to design a dot prob task with psychopy and I have problem with my exel file. The programm gives me this error:

attributeerror: couldn’t make sense of requested images.

And one more question; is png file better than Jpg?

Every suggestion would be appreciated.


there are a couple of posts in the forum with the same error message.

Search results for 'couldn't make sense of requested images' - PsychoPy.

We need to see a part of your Excel-file.

Best wishes Jens

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Like @JensBoelte, you need to share your file (@Yasaman_Farhangpour). It could be because 1) you have a space before your variable in the Excel file (/a different name), or 2) you need to add .PNG or .JPG after your image name in your Excel file or 3) Something to do with your builder instead, you need to insert the imagined name (te same one as your excel & your image) into the image component with the $ before it and lastly, 4) make sure this file (imagine & excel) is accessible (e.g., in the same folder as your PsychoPy experiment).

I have used PNG before, and it works fine.