Error: could not find appropriate player

URL of experiment: AX Discrimination2 [PsychoPy]

Hi all, I’m having trouble uploading my experiment online: I am stuck with this error “could not find appropriate player”. My experiment is supposed to have participants listen to a number of sounds (about a hundred), but apparently the browsers that I’m using won’t recognize my sound files (I tried using Chrome and Edge). My sound files used to be .wav files, but I received this message, so I tried to convert them to mp3 and my latest try was to convert them to mp4 and read them through a movie component instead of a sound component. I also read somewhere in that forum that the column of the excel file I’m using should not be named “sound” but rather “soundfile”, so I tried. None of that worked, and I’m currently desperate.

Note that I’m a complete noob in programing, so coming up with solutions is even more difficult for me. Also I provided the URL of the experiment, but apparently I don’t have enough credits to let others use it, so I don’t think anyone will be able to look into the code…

Anyway, thanks in advance for helping me !

Hello David,

we could help you more if you provide us access to your gitlab repository or post a toy-version of your experiment including stimuli here.

Also, copy&paste the “complete” error message into the forum.

Best wishes Jens

Thanks for the answer. I’m not familiar with pavlovia yet, but I think here’s my repository:

And here’s the error message


Hello David,

the link to provided points to your projects. I see at least two experiments in your project: one in AX discrimination, one in the root folder of your project. Do not put an experiment in another experiment folder. So move the one you are not using to another folder outside of your experiment folder (or delete it). After syncing, git will remove it from your project.

The are also a couple of folders which you probably don’t want to have in your project (Acodomia, aso.). Remove those as well from your experiment folder.

None of these actions will probably solve your problem but it will give you a proper folder-structure. Then we also know which experiment we should get to work.

Best wishes Jens

Again, thanks for the answer, unfortunately, so far PsychoPy won’t even let me select a root folder different than my Desktop…
I’m sorry if you think I’m helpless haha, but pavlovia is pretty confusing

Please could you explain what you mean by this? Do you have any files in other folders on your computer (such as Documents)? Are you able to create sub-folders?

Here’s the message that I get when I select a folder different than Desktop when I try to create a project:
Sans titre
Sans titre1

I don’t have other files related to this experiment in other folders, I made sure everything was in a unique folder, called AX Discrimination.

I recommend avoiding cloud storage drives like onedrive for PsychoPy experiments. Also, I’d put some text in the experiment name rather than just 2.0.

Apparently I can’t avoid saving this into OneDrive, I get an error message when I try to write ‘C:\Bureau\AX Discrimination’…

Hello again, I’ve fixed my gitlab and got rid of OneDrive. I also created a new account to start afresh, synced my project (which worked fine), tried to run it and a new error message occured, this one:
Sans titre

My guess is that it comes from my csv file: I don’t have an excel licence, so I converted my xlsx file into csv, but when I open it, everything is on the same column, and each condition is separated from the others by a coma. So I don’t know if that might mess it up. Can pavlovia handle xlsx files?

Also here’s my gitlab:

EDIT: I tried running my experiment with my original xlsx files. I get a different error message:
"Unfortunately we encountered the following error:

  • when getting the value of resource: PracticeTrialSounds/FMK cut 1s.mp3
  • unknown resource

Try to run the experiment again. If the error persists, contact the experiment designer."

I notice there is no issue when importing condition but I don’t know what’s different, does that mean pavlovia actually reads my xlsx file and not csv?

Any idea?

The issue here is that you are asking the Internet to look on your hard drive. Your path the the csv file should simply be resources/NewPracticeSoundsOnline.csv

I do sometimes find that xlsx files are more compatible than csv files, though those should work too.

Like that?

Sans titre

I don’t know how I’m supposed to store my experiment somewhere else than my hard drive (but I’m pretty terrible with computers so…), so my resource file is still stored in it, but if that’s the path I’m supposed to get then it still doesn’t work, I get the following error message, slightly different (no importing condition fails):

"Unfortunately we encountered the following error:

  • when getting the value of resource: PracticeTrialSounds/FMK cut 1s.mp3
  • unknown resource

Try to run the experiment again. If the error persists, contact the experiment designer."

Is PracticeTrialSounds/FMK cut 1s.mp3 explicitly written in your Excel file?

Where is the file relative to your psyexp file?

Yes it is.
My AX Discrimination folder is organized as such:

The audio file in question sits in a folder inside the resources folder

The path to the folder itself is C:\Users\33768\AX Discrimination test
I get that it’s still in my hard drive, but I have no idea where to store it outside of it.

PsychoPy doesn’t know that it is in the resources folder. You need to add that to the path.

Hello David,

good to see that you are making progress. There are two things to consider when working with PsychoPy and PsychoJS

PsychoPy allows you to save an experiment in any folder you want. However, when you create a project, PsychoPy uses your experiment folder as a starting point. You can’t change the experiment folder in this step. You need to do this before creating a project. You shouldn’t change the folder after having created a project as long as you want to have experiment and the project connected.

When creating a project, you create a repository on Pavlovia (gitlab). PsychoPy uses the program git for pushing and pulling the experiment and its files to Pavlovia. git scans your experiment folder for all files, all subfolders and their files and creates a “list” of things to push to Pavlovia. In later syncing processes, git pulls files from Pavlovia and pushes changes to Pavlovia.


Get rid of space in file-names. It is not guaranteed that they work on all operating systems.

Best wishes Jens

Thank you all for your advice, I changed the path to resources/PracticeTrialSounds/… in my excel file, and everything is working perfectly now !
I just had a last minor issue this morning: when I tried to syncronize my experiment (after having changed the path), my experiment was not recognized as belonging to any existing project (even after I tried to change the path back to orginal, without “resources/”), so I had to create a new one (after which the experiment worked). Since I need to buy credits to run the experiment online, I don’t want to have to create a new project every time I switch my computer on, lest credits don’t carry over to new projects (also it’s not practical, even if credits do carry over).
Any idea why that happened?

This can happen when you use cloud storage like OneDrive, but should be okay once you are syncing from your C: drive. I think the issue is when the hidden .git folder is deleted or can’t be accessed.

That’s strange, because I was already syncronizing from my hard drive, and I didn’t touch the .git folder.