Error after embedded survey before online experiment

Hi! I am running an online PsychoPy experiment via Pavlovia. PSYCHOJS: PsychoPy version 2023.2.3

The experiment begins with a survey component before moving on to a self-paced reading task. The survey and the self-paced reading task both work as they should, however in between the survey and the self-paced reading task, I get this error:

I am able to proceed with the experiment just fine after pressing OK, but would not like this error to appear. Cannot find what is causing it.

Link to the experiment: spr_renan [PsychoPy]


The error appears in this line.

if (this._lastPageSwitchHandledIdx === options.oldCurrentPage.visibleIndex)

Some things don’t work in embedded surveys. Please could you try switching off the preview responses option and post the result here?

Thank you very much! That worked.