EOF error for input in PsychoPy

Hi everyone, I’m really really stuck and need some help. I’m scripting a Posner Cueing experiment in Spyder and using PsychoPy to run it. I am currently trying to log the data i enter into an excel file but have encountered a problem.
The code is in my Constant.py

LOGFILENAME = input('Participant name: ')

When running the whole script in psychopy is said EOF error and exits the experiment.
Why is this not working, I’ve followed the lecturer’s instructions perfectly.
Can anyone help?

Hi @Amber_Leeson,

It seems as though you’ve updated the experiment settings correctly to change the ‘participant’ field that appears in the participant information box (the one that pops up when you first run the experiment) to ‘Participant name:’.

The problem here is that PsychoPy uses that field to generate the name of the data file it creates for each participant. So, could you try to change 'participant name: ’ to ‘participant’ (exactly as it’s typed here - no capital letters or spaces) and see if your experiment will run then?

If this doesn’t work, could you please send a screenshot of your experiment code, including line 25?