Emotional Stroop Randomization issue

Hi everyone,

I’m a beginner user of Psychopy. I’m gonna use it for my thesis. I created emotional stroop task using the programme. I created block design for emotional words and neutral words, and they are gonna show up at different colors.

The problem is I cannot randomize the colors assigned to the words. I mean, when I choose the word “war” and I choose the color “red” in a row on the excel file, the word “war” always comes in red color. I have 3 color options (red, blue and yellow). And I want the colors to be assigned to words in a random way. So sometimes the word “war” comes in red, sometimes blue … Not the way I typed in excel all the time.

I hope someone can help. And Btw I know nothing about coding part.

Thank you for your help

Have a look at my independent randomisation demo (search for my online demos post). I also have both a Stroop and an Emotional Stroop task, though they may not be public at the moment. I store the colours in a list which I shuffle separately from the words.

Hi again,

Thank a lot for your answer. I checked out the post you said, I see what you mean. Adding another loading loop can solve the problem, but in my emotional stroop experiment I have a block stim loop which includes three word lists and shuffles them. so loop inside a loop. In this case what do you suggest me to do? I guess I need to upload 3 different loading loop for 3 different excel sheet. I am a little complicated.

Here’s an updated version of my Emotional Stroop task. Group 1 and 2 lead to different orders of presentation.

Emotional Stroop for mobile code | try it

To avoid having to stick coloured dots on the keyboard or a button box, this version of the Emotional Stroop task is designed for mobile devices and presents coloured buttons on-screen. The colour of each word is randomised separately for the words themselves, which are presented in separate blocks for each valence.
Morys-Carter, W.L. (2022, January 10). Emotional Stroop for mobile [Computer Software]. Pavlovia. https://pavlovia.org/Wake/emotional-stroop