EEG Trigger code Matlab

Hi everyone.
I’m doing an experiment for my bachelor thesis project on collection of data by EEG measurement with a PCB. PCB card is composed of microcontroller and A/D converter. I’m using a Matlab GUI code e I have to create a temporary visualization of the some images. Each image is visualized for 5 seconds. Each image is shown for 5 seconds, closed and another image is shown for the same time until all images are shown. EEG data are continuously collected during the perfoming of the images. My trouble is the integration of a trigger in Matlab. I have to make a trigger signal appear in the EEG acquisitions to understand in which instant of the EEG signal tracing the image has changed. So when I analyze the EEG tracing I know which signal stretches are related to which images.

Hi There! What a cool bachelors thesis to work on. For most things Matlab and EEG I suggest you checkout the PsychToolbox forums. Are you trying to use Matlab as your EEG recorder and then PsychoPy to present the stimuli? Or do everything in Matlab?

It’s possible someone here would have some ideas but whether you post here, there, or both - we’ll need considerably more information about your setup! A rough list:

  1. Which PCB card do you have? Link?
  2. Post some of your code
  3. If you’re using PsychoPy to present the stimuli, is it on the same computer as Matlab?