EEG (EGI) connection issue_Pynestation


I am having issues using pynestation. I am adapting a StopSignal task that I found in Pavlovia. By itself, the task was working great. However, after adding EEG makers to the task (EGI system), I started to see issues. I am able to start recording and sending 1 trigger, but then experiment stops.

I think this is the line of code that stops the experiment because when I delete it the program works fine:

eci_client.send_events(event_type=‘resp’, label=‘resp’, desc=‘response’)

This code is in the Begin Routine Segment. This code does send the ‘resp’ tag to EGI and I am able to view it.

Has anybody had this issue and found a solution?

Please see attached experiment

PsychoPy V2022.2.5
Stop Signal (1.2 MB)

I don’t see anything in your code that jumps out as warranting a crash. You could try moving the EGI setup code to another code bit and attaching it to instr1. What’s the crash message?

Can you try running a demo experiment and see if you still have an issue?

Yes, It works perfectly with the Stroop task. I also have another picture viewing task that sends EEG triggers at picture presentation. For some reason, I can’t get the Stop Signal task to work. If I even add “eci_client.resync()” it crashes. I am sorry, I can’t see the error code right now, but will update ASAP.

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll move the code to instr1.