Drawing using the mouse as brush

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I posted a comment on this thread but I don’t think anyone saw it. Bumping by posting as a new topic. Apologies if someone else has covered this.

The gist is, for online experiments, if you click on the demo above (and in my code), and move the mouse somewhat slowly with the mouse held down, the ‘shape’ draws with intermittent pixels (screen shot attached). The top line was drawn quickly and smoothly. The bottom line was drawn slowly and smooth, with increasing speed toward the end. But note, even where the drawing is smooth, there are gaps when direction is changing quickly.

Hi, posting this in case anyone is still struggling with this. It is a partial fix, which draws circles in addition to lines. It is not perfect but it is a considerable improvement.
It also saves the locations of the circles and lines in case you want to re-make the drawings offline from the excel output (though there is nothing to end the experiment in this demo). There is also an undo button. Offline version only draws lines. You will need to download the code then upload to your own pavlovia account to run the online version.

I have no psychopy credits atm so there is only the gitlab code.

Code: James / DrawDemo · GitLab