Drawing order of image that update size every frame

Description of the problem: I’m struggling with keeping the 2 other images to draw on top of the big image that updates size according to keypresses. I believe the order in Builder is correct as I put the big image first then the 2 other images after that so they will draw on top of the big image. I also tried putting setAutoDraw() in the correct order in Begin Routine but whenever the big image updates its size, it jumps in front of the other 2 images. In the older version 2020.2, I used to fix this by uploading a custom-lib folder and changing JS code but now it wouldn’t work in this new version. Please help me understand more about drawing order for images/stim that have motions or change features. Thank you so much!

Does this help?

Thank you! I make those images update the x coordinate every frame and it works.