Downloading all resources no longer default in 2020.2.5


In recent versions, when compiling the js scripts from builder, I realised that a separate html folder is no longer created. So at the start of the experiment, if resources is not specified in psychoJS.start(), would it download everything on the same level as the index.html file?

Also, I realised that the js script compiled in psychopy 2020.2.5 ‘manually’ specifies certain resource to download,

  expName: expName,
  expInfo: expInfo,
  resources: [
    {'name': 'front.png', 'path': 'front.png'}

The ones specified in resources are the stimuli that are constant throughout all conditions (specified in the stimuli components).

However, I have multiple condition files and stimuli (pictures and videos), most of them are specified dynamically. I have quite a few resources, would i have to specify each of them manually for download in the js script?

Not specifying resources, does not seem to do the trick, nothing seems to be downloaded at all.

  expName: expName,
  expInfo: expInfo,

Hi There,

Relating to the first point. An additional html directory is not created anymore because this was duplicating resources, impacting storage for the pavlovia server.

Regarding manual imports, yes you would have to select all files - although you should be able to multi-select, selective importing of resources based on a grouping factor (i.e. not all stimuli are needed for all experimental groups) is something that the team have discussed working on for future releases :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,

Thanks @Becca,

For now, I am manually specifying all the stimuli I need by adding a line for each item I require to psychoJS.start()

{'name': 'shovel.png', 'path':'./resources/setA/shovel.png'},

Is this what you meant by … ?

Many thanks!

I meant that instead from your builder view you can go experiment settings >online >resources and click the +icon to select a large number instantly :blush:

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You can try the following. Create a “html” folder manually. Within the “html” folder create another folder called “resources”. Put your resources into this folder. For my experiment created with 2020.2.5, resources put into this “html/resources” folder are still downloaded automatically without any further actions required on my side.