Download Aborted Data?

Hi All,

I am running a study and some participants are aborting it.
I noticed I can download only completed sessions.

As I planned to use mixed models to analyse data, is it possible to download also aborted sessions?
Moreover, it would be helpful to understand at which stage participants abort the study.

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Emmanuele Tidoni

At the moment we sort of work on the assumption that a participant aborting the study doesn’t expect their data to be saved and we aren’t doing so. There have been discussions about how best to handle these issues and what is pragmatically and ethically optimal.

Hey Jon,

I was wondering the same and have a similar situation. My study is running at the moment and I ensured to inform the participants (who are children) that they should complete the whole Experiment and press OK at the end to ensure that their data is completed. The problem is, that I cannot see at what point children stop, so I don’t know what the issue is. And that in turn makes it impossible for me to for example communicate to the participants or adapt the experiment in a way that would help them complete it, to work with your system. For example, my experiments has pause and endscreens that children maybe don’t wait out. If I had that info, I could adapt the pause or endscreen.
I would need two informations to react to the situation. 1.When do they abort ( for this I need to see the data)? 2. At which point does the data set count as completed (during the yellow screen, when they pressed “OK” at the end)? Have you had any progress in this issue since April and can you answer these questions? All the Best Alex

Are there log files?

We are soon going to provide new options on this, where the experimenter can choose on the Dashboard what they want to happen when a participant exits early: keep the data (and consume credit) or drop the data (don’t consume credits)

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Will this option be availiable for experiments that are already running as well?

Yes, but it won’t affect runs from before. We’ve been debating internally what the default policy should be - “keep data” is safer but suddenly credits are consumed for partial data.

Yes I understand the struggle. And it might definitely also be a financial issue with regard to project financing plus possibly breaching data agreements, if the participants weren’t informed properly. However, from a study validity stand point, if one doesn’t also look at incomplete data it is also difficult to determine, if some of the participants participated multiple times. So one cannot i.e. look at training effects. So thank you for including this as an option. And Thank You for replying so quickly. I would love it, if the feature comes soon - as my experiments are already running.

Do you think this error (which I had to screen grab before it disappeared moving the the user pressed escape message) more likely to be reflective of using psychoJS.quit or because I’ve had to delete and recreate my project twice due to upload failures?

I think that’s different. My guess on this one is that indeed the project has been deleted on pavlovia but has failed to clean up in the zone where the projects run. I could chat with @apitiot about it but it may help if you recall your steps to delete the project (just the files or the project on
So when the new files were uploaded the files in run are clashing with the files in the project.

I’ve been using Gitlab

Remove project
Removing the project will delete its repository and all related resources including issues, merge requests etc.

Removed projects cannot be restored!

and then recreating from my psyexp file (I tried deleting the local html folder too).

The other way (deleting local files and searching/pulling from Gilab via an empty Builder) failed but maybe because I’d already deleted the project once.