Downgrading from 3.0.5 to 3.0.0b11 (SetToolTip?)


I built an experiment in PsycoPy 3.0.5, but the pc from MRI unit I work with has 3.0.0b11 installed. They don’t want to upgrade it because there are some ongoing studies at the unit.

When I try to run my experiment it generates this error message and suggests using
SetToolTip instead. I ran a ctrl+f in the experiment and couldn’t find “SetToolTip”. Any idea how I can minimally edit my experiment to make it run on 3.0.0b11 or any other solutions?

Many thanks,

warningintervention.psyexp (74.7 KB)

The SetToolTip is just a deprecation warning, your actual error is further down in the output window. If you select all of the text, and paste it here we can see the error. Also, 3.0.0b11 was a beta version of PsychoPy. You would be better off using 3.0.4 (3.0.5 needs a fix for 64bit users - if it works for you then do not worry).

Thanks for your input. I agree, I’ll try to have the manager update to at least a non beta version. Do you think that my experiment with 3.0.5 would work on version 3.0.4?

See the full error message. I apologize for not been able to copy/paste as the lab pc is not connected to the internet.

Thanks, so not sure what is happening. Are you trying to run the file from Coder? As you have built your experiment in Builder, I think you need to open your warningintervention.psyexp file in Builder. From your Coder window, you can open a Builder window by going to the View menu, and selecting “Go to Builder view”.