Displaying non-English characters on builder view

Windows 10
PsychoPy3 version
I am really new to PsychoPy software and that is why I chose the builder view. Also, I don’t know much about coding.
I am trying to add Turkish words on a DRM memory test. I made separate loops on builder view for each word list and added the conditions by using a separate excel file for each. The English words are working but, when it comes to displaying the Turkish words the experiment stops when it comes to the 1st Turkish word and gives this:
NameError: name ‘lureYang\u0131n’ is not defined

Here, the word Yangın is not recognized by the system because of the “ı”. The other words have characters such as ç, ö, ü, ğ and I am having a problem on having this software read the words.

I am trying to display 7 sets of Turkish word lists that have 10 words in each.
The other 7 word lists in English are working.
What should I do in order to add the Turkish characters?


I also had this problem since I wanted to display Arabic language, and here is what worked for me: (1) you can go to text properties --> advanced --> and change the language style. (2) you can export the sentence as PNG images using powerpoint, and use those images for display.


Hi, I worked on it a bit more before replying. For Turkish LTR works so couldn’t do much with the language settings.

I solved the problem by updating Psychopy to the latest version and instead of saving the files as .cvs, I just saved them like a normal excel file (the ending of the saved files ended up being .xlsx).