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Displaying images in between two keypresses

Hello there,

I want the participants to reproduce a timing interval by pressing the space bar twice: to start and to end the time reproduction period. While participants are reproducing the time, I want to display an image on the screen which should appear after the first and before the second press. Additionally, this image should come at specific time points of that reproduction period. The specific time points are defined in the xlsx file as various millisecond values by a column named “bin”.

Any ideas on how to do this?
I’ve been stuck with this for a few days now, opinions would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Although this could be done in a single routine, how about having a previous routine which ends on a keypress and then the main routine which also ends on a key press with the image appearing at the time specified in the spreadsheet. I feel like this could almost be done without any code at all.

Best wishes,


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Thank you very much for your suggesstion! :slight_smile: I will share the results here when I try it.