How to skip a routine under certain conditions and how to show images followed by a specific reaction a second time at the end

Hi everyone,

I’m new to python and your community, so I apologize in advance if my question is trivial.
I try to describe my two problems in the following:

If one of the valid keys is pressed within five seconds, the flow continues and the routine (Interstimulusinterval (ISI)) is shown.
If no key is pressed in this time interval, the routine “too slow” continues and the routine “ISI” is shown.
If one of valid keys is pressed after 250ms, the routine “too fast” continues and the routine “ISI” is shown.
(My loop consists of the fixation cross, an image and the ISI.)

At the end, I want to show the images with a too slow or too fast reaction time again.

I would be glad if someone could help me.
Thank you so much!


Hello Julia,

if you search for feedback here in this discourse forum you will find a couple of different approaches that you could use.

Best wishes Jens