Dialog box on a smartphone

Hi, I am trying to create an experiment that will run on a smartphone. However I stumbled upon two connected issues:

  1. At the beginning oft the experiment a dialog box is shown in which participants can fill in their participant number and it also functions to download all necessary ressources. When I’m starting the experiment on a smartphone the dialog box is very small and it’s quite difficult to read what is written in the box and to click the button to enter the next screen. I was wondering if there is any possibility to change the size oft the dialog box to fit a smartphone screen?

  2. Also, my experiment is in german and at the end oft the experiment appears a second box with the automatic message „thank you for your patience“. I was able to add a german message behind it, but I could not delete the original message. How can I delete the automatice message, so that participants wouldn’t get confused?

I’m glad for any replies. Thanks!