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Design EEG experiment using PsychoPy

Hello Everyone, i’m going to collect EEG data using 200-channel geodesic eeg 400 system. And my experiment is already designed in PSychoPy.Can anybody help me with the basic initial steps with adding triggers to experiment? Can anyone suggest any book/tutorial for this?

Hi, You can start running the python files in Psychopy and see what is happening (I guess if you are running EEG experiments, there should be a stimuli file to evoke a response in your brain wave. You should be able to see the stimuli in Psychopy by opening Psychopy-coder view -open the file) Once you get the stimuli, you can integrate the file that collects EEG signal from the brain with this module. May be you should have a dongle that connects your computer and electrodes.

we’ve been attempting this, and there is a long and helpful thread here

good luck!

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Thanks for the reply. I have task designed already that invokes a stimuli and ask user to type the answer (designed in coder view). I am not very clear with the instructions , how should i add triggers to my psychopy code .

Hi, I’m now designing an ERP experiment and the EEG system in our lab is NeuroScan. Did you succeed in sending triggers when programming with Psychopy? I also have some other questions. Thanks a lot!


I was wondering if you had any issues similar to the issue I am having. Currently my experiment, which focuses on visual long-term memory has 1260 trials. The Neuroscan program is reporting some experiments with 1260 events and some with a few more (inconsistently). After reviewing the Neuroscan data I noticed 2 issues: 1) red numbers in some data forms that were designated as a “keypress” in the event class category. This is unusual as the numbers were irrelevant to my code and I do not code for keypresses, just onset of the images. 2) There were also additional “stimulus” markers that did not adhere to the number scheme set forth in the code. Please let me know if you noticed anything like this and if so what you did to fix it.