Dependency on qt5 for arm64 (apple silicon)


I am trying to install psychopy on apple silicon (M2 chip). I cannot seem to install the python library in my virtual environment (e.g., poetry add psychopy), and installation fails with the error:

Unable to find installation candidates for pyqt5-qt5 (5.15.2)

I think qt5 has not been ported to arm64, but qt6 has. I have two questions:

  1. Are there any versions of psychopy which support qt6 ?
  2. I was able to install the standalone version. However, I cannot figure out if it also comes with the python API. If so, how do I import these libraries in my own scripts and modules, as I cannot find where they are being stored.

Thank you!

W/r/t the first question, pyqt is the basis of the GUI library, and I don’t know if it’s been upgraded to qt6 yet, but I don’t think so.

W/r/t the second question, the standalone creates its own virtual environment, effectively, and if you run something from the app’s coder window, it runs in that environment. As for where the libraries are stored, if you right click on the app and go to “show package contents”, you can find all the Python libraries under Contents/Resources/lib/python3.8

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Thank you for the detailed response. I guess the best option at the moment is to either try and access the virtual environment in the standalone version - no idea how; or to use the pschopy coder - not ideal as I have my development environment nicely set up in a different editor.

I hope qt6 will be adopted soon, as newer macs are unable to use psychopy API without it. If someone is able to install with qt5, PLEASE leave a reply here :confounded: :pray: !!!